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Parental Involvement

More than ever I understand the importance of parental involvement in a child's education. I advocate for transparency and open communication between teachers, administration, board members and parents. When we work together from a place of trust and positive intent, education improves for the benefit of children. 

Mental Health

Increasing numbers of students, teachers and staff face struggles with mental health. Teachers have more on their plates and are becoming burned out. Students face socio-economic and other challenges outside the classroom, which affect their ability to learn. Social media and technology also add stress and anxiety. We must support all students, teachers and staff and provide resources to improve mental health. 

School Funding and Property Taxes

About 64% of Kearney Public Schools budget relies on property tax while the remainder is made up primarily of state aid. This outsized reliance on property tax places a heavy burden on property owners in our community. While our board is fiscally responsible and has lowered the total levy by $0.02 in the last few years, this has little effect on total property tax paid. We must work together with the state legislature and governor to reimagine school funding.

Student Success

Kearney Public Schools offers a variety of educational options to help students succeed including high school dual credit classes, alternative education at the Hanny Arram Center for Success, and special education. Whether students want to explore a higher degree in college, or whether they're ready to find their career after high school, our schools should provide students the support and resources they need to achieve their best.

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